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Welfine group

Welfine group is a comprehensive group composed of Welfine (Beijing) Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Century Scandia Enterprise Co., Ltd., Vitaroma (Beijing) Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., Tianhui Xinghang, Welfine GmbH in Munchen and Welfine trading company. It is a Sino foreign joint venture multinational group integrating elements of China, France and Germany, high-quality international resources and professional formula technology, Adhere to the concept of health products, and create a unique product experience for customers.

Who we Are

Group News




Corporate Culture

Enterprise Concept
Powerful Aroma, Tasteful Life

As an enterprise specialized in creating fragrance and flavor, Welfine always takes " Powerful Aroma, Tasteful Life" as the theme, and devotes itself to using exquisite technology to endow all kinds of ordinary fragrance and flavor with new ideas and functions, so as to bring pleasure, rich and colorful products to you.
Enterprise objective

We have travelled all over the world to find the most advanced, safest, best quality and most suitable fragrance for you. We produce kinds of flavors to create the most fashionable, high-end, unique and healthy taste for you.

Create a safe, fashionable, healthy and green fragrant world, and make your life more colorful through a variety of scents with different styles.

Product idea
Natural, Safety, Health and function!

Enterprise positioning
The leader of fragrance art, the founder of fashionable life!